Greg (Sports Performance)

I saw Ian for sports hypnotherapy to help improve my performance playing squash. I wanted to reduce my stress level on court which sometimes had a negative effect on my game. If not playing well or making errors in games – these things could often become the centre of my thoughts.

After making mistakes, it was difficult to regather my concentration and re-establish a positive mind set. This then led to losing more points and becoming more frustrated. I tried different methods to stay calm and focused but they often didn’t have the desired effect.

I found the sessions with Ian really valuable. He was able to explain to me the effect the stress was having in my brain and the reasons why it led to a worsening performance.

He provided me with a variety of methods to use both before and during the game to refocus my thoughts and keep my stress levels under control. Now on the odd occasion when I feel stressed I am able to calm my mind quickly and focus on the next point.

We also spent some time on visualisation methods. We used this sports hypnosis method to help me improve my technique for a shot I was struggling with – the service return. It has made a massive difference, enabling me to consistently hit this shot well with greater confidence and better accuracy and control.

My performances have improved since my sessions with Ian. They have enabled me to better deal with on court stress and helped me to develop a more positive mind set. I highly recommend his sessions.

Hallide (Weight Loss)

I have struggled with my weight for most of my life and have spent over 25 years yo-yo-ying, losing and regaining ridiculous amounts of weight that resulted in me distorting my physical and mental image of myself. I realised I had an unhealthy psychological problem with food and needed help to understand my eating patterns and behaviours.

The therapy sessions with Ian took me on a journey I was not expecting. Our sessions focused on what I was doing and why I was doing it, without indulging in the emotional attachments I placed on them.  Ian somehow took away my self-guilt and self-shame and helped me focus on achieving my goals. His weekly healthy eating  plans were very effective. I lost 22lb on Ian’s program and I truly appreciated the support he gave me throughout as I felt he cared and that I was never alone on my journey.

Lee (Weight Loss)

Life was pretty tough before I started this journey. I felt low most of the time and couldn’t find any positives about myself. I had a complete lack of self-belief and had little motivation. I ate most of the time, whether hungry or not. I used to eat for every reason; boredom, depression as well as hunger.

Life has changed for the better. I feel much more in control of my habits. I can see that there was much more to my problems than just eating, it was my whole mind set. I have a long way to go but I have lost nearly 1 and a half stone and  gained such a positive mind set.

Ian has been amazing, a top bloke who has made me realise that I can achieve my goals.

Nadene (Anxiety & Confidence)

Before I started hypnotherapy with Ian I was struggling with my anxiety, and my confidence was suffering as a result. I had battled anxiety for years, but it would get worse when something significant happened, things like a bereavement or a sudden change in lifestyle. I was overthinking everything, stressing out and struggling to make simple decisions, I felt I’d lost all motivation in my business to the point where I questioned if this was really what I wanted to be doing. I’d honestly just lost my way and felt like I had derailed with no energy to get myself back on track.

With Ian’s help and advice, I feel like I’ve had a massive reset. Ian taught me to think more positively, from positive thoughts came a kinder attitude to myself and I now find myself not stressing over the small stuff. I’m no longer waking up lethargic anymore, I make the most of my days and I’ve fallen back in love with my business all over again. The increased confidence in myself has been a big gamechanger for me and the work has picked up as a result.

I am beyond grateful to Ian and his ridiculous amount of knowledge. Initially I was skeptical of hypnotherapy, but the sessions have been so much more beneficial than any therapy I have previously had for anxiety. My outlook on life has changed for the better and because of Ian I’m equipped with the tools and knowledge to keep it that way.

Carol ( Anxiety & Stress)

I’d had a pretty stressful year including losing my dad to Covid, ongoing health issues, coping with lockdown, family emergencies and my son in crisis with his mental health. This was enough to tip my stress levels to an all time high and I was finding it difficult to cope. I was feeling really anxious on a daily basis and finding myself bursting into tears at random times and unable to hold things together anymore.

The therapy has helped me focus my thoughts in a much more positive way, so that each day is easier to get through and I can find happiness again-even if it’s in really small things. I feel much less stressed, more confident and less anxious about life in general. I feel like I have finally got things together and can approach each day with a positive mind set.

I would strongly reccommend having therapy with Ian. I can’t believe the difference that he has made to how I cope with things now after just a few sessions.

Georgina (Spider Phobia)

I have been terrified of spiders for as long as I can remember. When I saw one I started shaking, terrified, felt sick and if alone I’d be in tears full of fear.  I once stopped my car on a busy road, crying and shaking while waving another driver to stop and help me because a spider fell out of my visor!  Looking back my reaction to jump out of the car was pretty dangerous.  My son regularly had to get spiders and throw them outside for me as I felt unable to approach them.  When my children were younger I would never get toys out of the garage for fear of spiders being in there.  A complete nightmare!

Since having hypnotherapy with Ian I am a lot calmer and feel that my anxiety and fear of spiders has reduced significantly.  After the first relaxation session I immediately felt a difference in my mental capacity to deal with my fear.  I feel confident going into the garage now and as a mum of young boys this has made me very happy to be able to get their toys.  I felt guilty before making them wait for their dad to get home.  I still feel wary, but calm in the fact that if I did see a spider I will deal with it.  Ian has given me the tools to reset my thoughts and fear, a technique I will continue to use.  Ian is amazing at explaining how we hold a lot of negative thoughts in our stress-bucket and how we can empty this regularly.  By following Ian’s relaxation techniques I also feel my overall stress and anxiety is less, I am much more positive, making life much more enjoyable.

Neena (Anxiety & Confidence)

Anxiety comes to us all in one form or another and in peaks and troughs, but what can you do about it?

Well in my case, I knew that I wanted to be a better version of me, but my anxiety and lack of confidence at work was getting in the way.  My migraines were getting more frequent and I was running on empty.  I’d go to sleep but keep waking up throughout the night, and not be able to go back to sleep or feel rested in the morning. Stress was getting the better of me, it was time to make a change.

I knew about hypnotherapy but never thought it would help me in my situation but when I started my first session with Ian things started to click. The way he explained about the sleep cycle and the effect on the brain was easy to understand.  Listening to the download each night I was surprised at how after a few sessions I was sleeping much better. My mind set was changing and I was becoming more confident within myself, and thus when my boss and peers were giving me positive feedback I was quite proud of myself.

Work is currently quite stressful but I keep listening to the download and the tips that Ian gave me and I am flying. I cannot thank Ian enough and would highly recommend him to anyone wishing to help with their anxiety and confidence. Make the change for you and be the best version of you with Ian’s help.

Graham (Weight Loss & Low Mood)

Before I received the therapy program from Ian I was very much in the doldrums, stuck in a negative rut. Lacking energy and cheer, I had no path out of the gloom, and somehow found myself being controlled by food and my growing weight. The physical and mental woes of weight gain were, quite literally, weighing me down and negativity was taking over my personality

Ian has helped me get back my self-esteem and mojo. I can feel my control coming back, including subtle dietary changes kicking in and have faith and confidence that I am on the road to, and have been given by Ian the tools to achieve, sustainable weight loss.

My newly found control has helped boost my confidence, and that in turn is helping me turn my negative mindset into a positive one. I have begun to respond positively to some longstanding issues.

My negativity has manifested itself in my self-destructive diet and consequential weight gain. Ian has made the link for me and opened my eyes. I am grateful to Ian for his non-judgemental support, can-do demeanour and for lifting some of the darkness that has cloaked and precluded me for some time, and turning on a bright light at the end of the tunnel.

Dee (Weight Loss & Confidence)

When people used to see me, they saw a bright bubbly person who laughed and smiled.  It took a lot of effort to put that appearance on.  My dad died just over 2 years ago. It made me sad beyond belief and I adopted a very negative outlook on life.  Sleeping was an issue and I was comfort eating which lead to rapid weight gain. I had no control over my eating and I would eat to try and fill the void in my life.

Ian’s download helped to calm my mind leading me to sleep much better.  I have now found myself having a much more positive outlook on life.  I know and have accepted that due to losing my Dad, I will never be a 10/10 on my happiness scale but, with Ian’s help, I have moved up from a 2.5 achieving an 8.5 on a regular basis.

I now have more energy and have stopped any negative eating habits that I had.  I now have control over my eating rather than it being in control of me. I still occasionally eat cake, who doesn’t, but instead of feeling guilty I recognise that I am allowed to do this and it is now in a controlled manner, as a treat.

Having that confident/bubbly personality is now a more natural process instead of it being something that I had to work hard to achieve.  I still get upset but I am now more rational and proactive in my response to certain situations rather than reactive to them.

Thank you Ian.  I appreciate all the time, energy and support you have given me and I know that by continuing to use skills you have taught me, my weight loss goal will become a reality.

Lucy (Weight Loss)

I started hypnotherapy to lose weight but I have experienced other benefits that I didn’t expect. I have lost weight and I am confident that I will reach my goal of losing 3 stone as the program has helped me make subtle changes that have resulted in consistent weight loss.

I have seen huge change in my mind set, previously I would start a diet and give up when I didn’t see quick results. I have completely changed my way of thinking. I do not feel that I am on a diet. I am drinking more water, eating more healthily and exercising more. The unexpected benefit is that I feel really calm.

I am a menopausal woman who is now sleeping much better and feeling much less stressed which is allowing me to cope much better when life gets tough.

Aliya (Dog Phobia)

Aliya had always been so terrified of dogs from such a young age, we could never really understand how and when this even began. It got to a point where she would see a dog, as a young child, and would run into the road without looking just to get away from it.

Aliya also missed very close family parties and get-togethers due to dogs being at the family home.  Aliya’s fear of dogs has prevented her from going on walks with friends, enjoying the park and picnics, especially in the summer months. It really had a debilitating effect on her life, keeping her from enjoying day-to-day activities with her friends and relatives.

After she began her treatment with Ian, we quickly noticed changes to her attitude around dogs and the thought of her being close to them started to worry her less. Her anxiety levels surrounding her phobia reduced and she became much calmer about the thought of encountering dogs both on and off a lead.

After the treatment with Ian Aliya has gained such a sense of freedom. Previously, even for short visits, I would have to drop Aliya off in the car as she was fearful of running into a dog. She is now much calmer and more relaxed when leaving the house and is happy to walk to places on her own knowing that she no longer has a fear of encountering a dog on her journey.

She is now able much more able to enjoy life and take part in all outside activities with her friends knowing that she has the capability to react with calmness should she encounter a dog.

This all would not have been possible without Ian’s treatment and patience with Aliya and we are all forever grateful.

Andy (Anger)

A difficult 12 months with lockdowns, working from home and the pressures of home schooling left me feeling particularly anxious and stressed. I found it hard to cope in certain situations, particularly when dealing with two, sometimes unruly pre-teenagers.

I often felt angry, losing my temper over some rather trivial incidences. I began to react with anger with increasing regularity. After reflecting on my actions I felt embarrassed and knew that I wanted a more harmonious family life. It also became quite a familiar pattern for me to think about returning to work with dread on a Sunday evening as I lacked both confidence and motivation.

Ian’s hypnotherapy sessions have allowed me to regain control of my emotions when under pressure. He has provided me with the tools necessary for me to be able to think with intelligence rather than emotion when faced with difficult circumstances. In effect he has given me the headspace necessary to react with calmness as opposed to anger and as a result I feel much more relaxed.

My sleep patterns have improved, along with family relationships. I feel much more confident and positive about many aspects of my life and work. I can’t thank or recommend Ian enough.

Sandra (Weight Loss & Low Mood)

I have had a chronic illness most of my life and this often causes me to be negative and during lockdown for Covid 19 I found this getting worse. I also gained a lot of weight during lockdown as I was baking and eating too much chocolate and cake plus drinking more alcohol than normal.

I changed my way of eating, cutting out chocolate and cakes and practically stopping alcohol. I started a mediterranean way of eating and lost 12lb. I joined a zoom pilates group and started walking more. I began to feel happy and more positive and found the problems in life were not as great as I thought they were.

Ashleigh (Anxiety )

Before I started therapy with Ian I found myself consumed daily with anxiety which started from a loss at a young age and continued into adulthood. I have tried all sorts of methods to help but seeing Ian has been the only method that has worked for me.

Instead of living life consumed with anxiety I now can live life normally, enjoy the little things which I didn’t before, see obstacles in life more clearly and deal with them in a rational manor and feel a true sense of inner calm. 

I would recommend Ian to anyone, he’s very professional, understanding and confident. I can’t thank Ian enough for all the help I received. 

Shriti (Anxiety)

I was a little stressed out with health issues and day-to-day life through covid.  I lost my father three years ago so a big stressor for me since that time and specifically the last year has been ensuring my mum has been healthy and ok.  I realised that I put too much pressure on myself and needed to get my brother involved to take some of those responsibilities off my hands.  This had a negative impact, I would always be distracted, comfort eat and generally just be irritable and although I wanted to speak to my mum, I felt that it was a drain to do so, so often.  I also was not making time for myself.  I always put others first and with my health issues that then came to the forefront, I knew I had to start putting me first.

Since our therapy sessions I have been a lot more positive and learned to balance the family as well as my mums needs.  Just listening to Ian’s download really helped me to relax and unwind and have time for me. I have also managed to curb my snacking.

I would recommend anyone to see Ian.  Things do not have to be at the lowest point to ask or get help, sometimes you just need that other persons perspective to see things for what they are, and Ian helped me with this.  Ian is calm and understanding and pushes you to find the answers in you that you know are there.

Sarah (Smoking Cessation)

I came to see Ian for stop smoking hypnotherapy. I have waited for nearly a month to write this review because I am so amazed that stopping smoking has been as easy and pain free as it has. I think it’s the preparation and support that Ian gives you beforehand that makes this work so well. He provided me with a download explaining how my mind works and why it is so hard to stop smoking unless you grasp this idea.

Ian has a wonderfully relaxing and calm voice which makes his ‘Guided Relaxation’ download really easy to listen to. I listened to it every day for a week religiously before our session together. It really helped to reduce my stress levels and get me into the right mind set. I have continued to listen to it each night after our stop smoking hypnotherapy session and I feel much calmer as a result.

You have a little bit of homework to do each day to help you prepare for your quit day which I found extremely helpful. This is not the first time I have stopped smoking but I in the past I always felt a desire for a cigarette. The thought of smoking now doesn’t even enter my head. I always used to think I’d be missing out. In the first few days I did have cravings, but Ian had prepared me for this and I was able to quickly alter my thinking. I just kept thinking about the things Ian had told me and told myself how I used to be a smoker but not anymore.

I would highly recommend that you see Ian for stop smoking hypnotherapy. I am almost 50 and have been smoking on and off since I was 18. I genuinely thought I was never going to be able to stop because it would be to hard or I wouldn’t be able to cope.

I know that I have now quit for good and I am looking forward to a healthier and happier future without having to carry around the guilt of being a smoker. Thank you Ian

Linda (Insomnia)

I have never been a good sleeper. I remember, even as a small child, being awake until the early hours looking up out the window at the stars in the dark night sky. 

Throughout my life, I’ve always survived or rather managed to get through life with very little sleep. I am now in my 70s and after having recent surgery I have become very anxious and started to experience severe panic attacks, spending hours awake thinking dreadful things throughout the night and feeling exhausted throughout the day.
I started to dread going to bed because I knew that I’d be laying there with my anxious thoughts all night. My daughters got to know Ian and introduced me to him, and after my first zoom assessment, I decided that I would book 6 sessions. 
Ian is so very easy to talk to, and within a really short time after following his instructions and learning to fully relax I was sleeping for 7 hours through the night. 
The transformation in my feelings about going to bed has totally changed because I haven’t got insomnia anymore which means I’m not laying in bed anxious every night. 
The lovely Ian helped me get through this all on zoom, as I sat in my own lounge in Hitchin. If you need help, as I did, I really recommend Ian Murton. Thank You