Enjoy life free from debilitating insomnia

Therapy that enables you to live life the way you want


Think Better

Enjoy being able to remember information and think with clarity and focus.


Feel Better

Relish having more vitality so you feel alive and ready to show your true self.


Sleep Better

Go to bed each night with the confidence that you will be able to sleep well.

Living with insomnia can make life a struggle

It can mean you find it difficult to switch off in bed, you worry about how your lack of sleep will negatively impact your day. It’s infuriating.

It makes it hard for you to function at your best. Brain fog and lethargy are unwelcome companions. It’s exhausting.

It makes you feel that you’re being pulled out of shape and it’s difficult to stay in control of your emotions. It’s frustrating.

Thankfully you really don’t need to live like this. We can retrain your brain so you sleep well and live up to your full potential!


Here’s what LIVING YOUR LIFE TO THE FULL may look like for you

Being able to spend more time having fun with friends and family.

Feeling happier in yourself and about your physical apperance.

Being able to easily accomplish the things on all your to-do lists.

Waking up feeling refreshed and looking forward to the day ahead.

Having the ability to plan and problem solve so that your life just feels easier.

Having the motivation and drive to try different things and new experiences.

I’m Ian. I’d love the opportunity to help you overcome your insomnia.
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Here’s why I believe I’m the best person to help you.

#01 Reassurance

You can feel reassured in my ability knowing that all my Google reviews are 5 stars. I never let anyone down.

#02 Experience

You can feel confident knowing that I’ve helped hundreds of people overcome the obstacles in their minds.

#03 Open and Honest

You can relax knowing I’m just a normal friendly family man who will go above and beyond to help.

“Hypnotherapy won’t work for me” – Most of these people initially thought that too!
Help, why can’t I sleep?

You can probably recall a time when sleep wasn’t an elusive thing and you want that back.

So what’s changed?

To sleep you need a strong regulated ‘sleep drive’. You can think of this as being like a hunger to sleep. All the time that you’re awake you’re building up your sleep drive. But I’m awake for hours during the day and night I hear you cry!

So how come I still can’t sleep?

You also can’t be hyperaroused to sleep. Months or even years of focusing on your sleep and worrying about it have caused you to be hyperaroused. You’ve built up anxiety surrounding your sleep. You’re regularly engaging your fight/ flight response. To sleep you need to be calm and relaxed.

Picture the scene

You and a friend decided to go glamping. You’ve had a really enjoyable but tiring day. You both wearily trudge back to your tent and settle down. It’s late in the evening and your exhausted friend is dozing off (of course you’re awake anyway) when there’s a loud noise somewhere in the close vicinity. The noise startles them, they open their eyes, and their heartbeat quickens as they listen to the sound of footsteps getting closer and closer. Thoughts start to go round and round in their mind. Stress hormones flood their body, they’re primed ready to react to danger.

So even if we’re exhausted, if we’re anxious we won’t be able to sleep?

Correct, you can be both mentally and physically tired, but if you are hyperaroused you won’t be able to sleep. It’s your brain’s way of trying to keep you safe.


(P.S. No need to worry. It was just a mutual friend coming over to pay a surprise visit)



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Why can’t I fall and stay asleep in bed?

You can probably recall many times when you have felt so tired on the sofa that you feel yourself nodding off. After a while, you decide to take yourself off to bed, but as soon as your head hits the pillow you’re wide awake again.  Your head fills with unnecessary thoughts and you’re back in the familiar cycle of feeling frustrated and not able to sleep.

Why does this happen?

Months, or more commonly years of spending time lying in bed awake and overthinking have programmed your subconscious mind to associate your bed with a place to think and worry. In effect, your bed has become a trigger for your thought process to go into overdrive.

Due to your apprehension about sleep, your subconscious mind interprets it as a potential danger. Each instance of worrying about wakefulness, becoming frustrated with yourself for being awake, or anxiously anticipating the minutes until you must rise further solidifies the beliefs that being asleep in bed is a threat.

If your subconscious mind believes that by keeping you awake it is helping to keep you safe then no matter what sleep aid or drug you try, you will find it extremely difficult to consistently sleep well.

Your brain cannot tell the difference between imagination and reality, as a result, it’s dealing with this perceived threat the only way it knows how, by releasing stress hormones. The very thing you don’t want when you’re trying to sleep. 


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Achieving night after night of peaceful sleep is really very simple

Here’s how we do it


You’ll learn and fully understand why you’ve been suffering from insomnia and be given the tools necessary to overcome it as part of your bespoke sleeping plan.


We meet each week to keep you on track. We use hypnotherapy to change your mindset and help you achieve freedom from your sleep anxiety.


You have the confidence to know that you can now sleep well. The improvement in your sleep means you have more energy and vitality to live the life you want.

You don’t need to live with the frustration and loneliness of sleepless nights. Previous client’s sleep has been transformed in a matter of weeks, so can yours.

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A life free from insomnia allows you to

Think Better

No more spending your day in a daze.  A calm and uncluttered mind free from brain fog gives you the ability to remember and recall important information with ease. 

Feel Better

Insomnia is mentally & physically tiring & it erodes self-worth. Having more vitality & higher self-esteem helps you accomplish the things you want whilst feeling good about yourself. 

Sleep Better

So you can live life to the full. Forget about just coping and allow yourself to thrive. Imagine what your life could be like with improved memory & focus, clear thought and drive. Just think how much more blissful it would be.

Hypnotherapy and CBTi – The dream partnership to enable you to sleep.

Sleep Well and Shine is a program that has been specially designed to help you improve both the quality and length of your sleep. 

It combines hypnotherapy and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Insomnia (CBTi) to help retrain your brain to sleep well.

Hypnotherapy is a form of therapy that uses the natural state of hypnosis in order to help your subconscious mind initiate change. It is estimated that around 97% of all of our thoughts and actions are done at a subconscious level. Effective change always takes place at a subconscious level.

CBTi enables you to change your sleep routine and your misconceptions around sleep. Insomnia is an incorrect sleeping pattern that has built up in your brain. By changing your incorrect beliefs around sleep and by following a proven strategy you retrain your brain so a new healthy sleeping pattern is established.

The Sleep Well and Shine program is for you if

  • You’re ready to prioritise yourself and invest time and money to improve your own mental and physical health.
  • You’re done having your hopes raised and dashed by so-called miracle cures that just end up being a waste of money. If you’re currently taking sleeping tablets you realise they’re just a temporary fix and will never actually address the cause of your insomnia.
  • You’re ready to follow a well-proven program with real scientific efficacy. CBTi has been researched extensively and proven to help 80% of users overcome insomnia. As I use hypnotherapy alongside CBTi my success rate is 100%. Yes, really 100%.
  • You want to change and feel that your lack of sleep is the main thing that’s holding you back from living the life you want.

and you want to

  • Have the confidence to know you can go to bed each night and sleep before waking up at a time that’s right for you each morning.
  • Be able to think clearly without brain fog or constant worries filling your mind.
  • Wake up knowing that you have the vitality to live each day to the full.
  • Have all the knowledge and tools at your disposal to help ensure your healthy sleep pattern stays with you, no matter what life throws at you in the future.

but it’s not for you if

  • You’re still convinced that there is a quick fix out there to help you overcome your insomnia, even though everything you’ve tried before hasn’t worked.
  • You believe that you are just a bad sleeper and you’re resigned to the fact that there’s nothing that can help.
  • You’re not prepared to put effort into changing your sleeping habits. 
  • You suffer from a condition such as psychosis, epilepsy, schizophrenia, sleep apnoea, circadian rhythm disorder, REM sleep behaviour disorder, parasomnia, or narcolepsy. Unfortunately, hypnotherapy and CBTi will not be effective and are not appropriate for you.
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How together we move you from coping to thriving

The Sleep Well and Shine program contains everything you need to break free from the shackles of anxiety and insomnia enabling you to live the life you desire.

Weekly bespoke one-to-one hypnotherapy sessions to enable you to get your subconscious mind on board and take control of your anxiety around sleep. These sessions are also a valuable opportunity for me to gain a clear understanding of your sleeping routine to help support you and keep you on track.

Lifetime access to your membership portal. This contains all the information for you to follow to make the behavioural changes necessary for you to sleep well.

Built in time to work on any areas of your life that you would like help with, i.e. overcoming any fears and phobias, overcoming any other type of anxiety, weight loss, overcoming habits or improving your confidence and resilience.

You have questions, I have answers

How does the Sleep Well and Shine Program work?

The Sleep Well and Shine program provides you with structured support. Throughout your time in the program, you will have weekly one-to-one hypnotherapy sessions. The main focus of these sessions will be to lower your sleep anxiety and positively change your mindset around sleep.

When you are ready we move you onto the CBTi element of the program. You are provided with a membership portal that contains a variety of different audios, pdfs and worksheets. It is designed to change your beliefs about your sleep and provides you with a structured process for you to follow to overcome your insomnia.

Many people find it difficult to achieve their goals as they don’t feel supported or feel confused as to what they need to do next. During our time together there is never a need for you to feel lost and alone. You can contact me and I will be on hand to support you and answer any questions you may have.

How long does the program last?

Experience has shown me that almost everyone can overcome their insomnia within 8 weeks.

However, many of my clients have achieved their goals within 4 weeks, some even in 1 session!

We can discuss which option is right for you prior to working together. The length of time it takes to overcome your anxiety and insomnia is very much down to your current situation and how quickly you would like to move through the program. 

Whichever option you choose you will still have lifetime access to the membership portal. 

Is the Sleep Well and Shine program suitable for me?

The Sleep Well and Shine program is suitable for people who’ve been suffering from insomnia for over a month. I have used the program to help people overcome insomnia who’ve been suffering from it for 3 months up to 60 years! (see Linda’s review).

If you have been suffering from insomnia for less than a month then we only need to use hypnotherapy to help you sleep well.

It is not suitable for people who have been diagnosed with conditions such as; psychosis, epilepsy, schizophrenia, sleep apnoea, circadian rhythm disorder, REM sleep behaviour disorder, parasomnia or narcolepsy.  If you are in any doubt you should see your G.P before booking your consultation.


Will the program work for me if I am perimenopausal or menopausal?

Yes. I have successfully helped many women who are either perimenopausal or menopausal to overcome their insomnia. 

Hypnotherapy effectively alleviates stress and anxiety, consequently reducing cortisol levels. Elevated cortisol levels can further suppress estrogen levels. Additionally, this therapy boosts serotonin and dopamine neurotransmitter levels. By helping to better balance brain chemicals, individuals experience improved sleep and a heightened sense of positivity and happiness.

The CBTi element of the course will enable you to build a healthy sleep pattern and routine just like it would if you were at any other stage of your adult life. It has been recommended by both the Sleep Foundation and the menopause care support service Stella as reccommended therapy for insomnia.


Is the Sleep Well and Shine program advisable for me if I am currently taking medication to help me sleep?

You can continue to use medication throughout the program, however, you will be supported and encouraged not rely on any artificial sleeping aid by the end of the program.

What is CBTi?

If you have been suffering from insomnia you will have built up an undesirable sleep pattern in your brain. This prevents you from enjoying regular nights of peaceful sleep.

CBTi is a structured process that helps you to change your incorrect beliefs about sleep and make the behavioural changes necessary for you to adopt a regular healthy sleep routine.

Will CBTi work for me?

CBTi is the only known effective treatment for insomnia as it tackles all of the reasons why you can’t get to sleep or stay asleep. It has many scientific studies to support its efficacy. It is successful in up to 80% of insomnia cases.

Although CBTi is very effective in helping people to overcome their insomnia it is not designed to enable people to reduce their feelings of overwhelm. By combining it with hypnotherapy we are able to successfully treat both your anxiety and insomnia. 


What is Hypnotherapy?

Your subconscious mind always has a positive intention. It is always working to try and help, however, sometimes its help is rather unhelpful! So whilst its intention may be positve the outcome often isn’t.

Most insomnia suffers worry about their lack of sleep. This anxiety send a strong signal to the subconscious mind sleep is a threat. It will try and help you by keeping you awake and activating your fight/flight response, therby releasing stress hormones which stimulate your nervous system.

Hypnotherapy makes it is possible to communicate with your subconscious mind in order for it to initiate change. I help it to find other ways of keep you safe but ways that mean you can also sleep well.


What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is also often referred to as trance. It’s a natural state that we go into many times during the day to help solve our problems. Perhaps you can remember a time when you were trying to recall the name of something. When you were consciously thinking about it, the name just wouldn’t come. Only later when you were relaxed, your brain went into trance and the name popped into your mind.

When you are in this relaxed state your subconscious mind is receptive to change that will help you to live life to your fullest potential. 

Why is hypnosis so beneficial?

We are able to fully utilise the problem-solving parts of our brain that we can’t access when we are conscious, especially if we are anxious. During trance, the parts of our brains that create anxiety become less dominat and other parts that allow us to visualise and problem-solve become more dominant. 

How are the one-to-one sessions conducted?

To make things as easy as possible for you sessions can be conducted online via Zoom. You can find out more about the benefits of using online hypnotherapy here.

If you wish to we can run the sessions face-to-face in Fairfield, Hertfordshire.