Free Initial Consultation

This serves two very important purposes: for us to discuss your background information and for you to understand the neuroscience surrounding your particular complaint.

By analysing your background information, I will be able to get a fuller picture of what you want your ideal outcome to be. This enables me to put together an individualised treatment plan and determine how many sessions may be required.

You’ll begin to understand why you suffer in the way you do and more importantly what can be done to help you overcome these issues. Hypnotherapy isn’t used in this initial consultation however you will be provided with my ‘Guided Relaxation’ download to help begin the process of positive change.

The consultation will last approximately 40 minutes with there being no obligation to proceed to the full therapy sessions.

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Individual Session £85 – 1hr

These sessions involve much more than just hypnosis and will follow the same format each week as the brain thrives on repetition. We’ll begin each session talking and exploring the positive aspects of your week before we talk more about how we can utilise your brain to help you work towards your ideal outcome. Following this we will focus on making a step by step plan to help you find solutions to your problem. You’ll then relax as I guide you into a state of focused attention allowing both your conscious and unconscious minds to come together to help those thoughts for future change become a reality

Block of 6 Sessions £425

Buying a block of 6 sessions means you benefit by only paying for 5. Most of my clients find that they are free from the symptoms of their condition within 6 sessions. Within this time most feel they have  reached a place of calmness in their mind and can look forward to a life free from the debilitating effects of their condition.


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girl having hypnotherapy

Children & Teenagers – 6 Sessions  £350 (45 mins)

These sessions are shorter in length to enable your child to remain focused for the entirity of the session. They still follow the same format as other sessions, but the time is tweaked to allow more time for you child to both visualise and talk about the future they desire, where their problem doesn’t exisit. Appropriate aged scripts are used to enagage your childs imagination.


Phobia Package – 3 Sessions £240

Most specific phobias can be addressed in this 3 session package. We will safely and quickly remove the fear template enabling you to live life without the debilitating effects of your phobia.


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A fist crushing cigarettes to represent giving up smoking

Smoking Cessation £200

During this one session I will gather information from you regarding your smoking history such as what you like, dislike about smoking and the reasons why you want to quit. I will then use this information to help guide your subconscious mind to the benefits of  living smoke free thereby increasing your motivation to quit.

Prior to the session you will be provided with a relaxation download and information detailing the link between smoking and your subconscious mind. This is designed to prepare you for the session, engage your intellectual mind and increase your motivation to quit.