Self-hypnosis downloads

Imagine that each time you worry it goes into your ‘stress bucket’. The more you worry the fuller your stress bucket becomes. You can worry about events from the past or imagined ones in the future. The fuller your stress bucket is the more you will think from the emotional, negative, obsessional part of your mind which holds on to your anxiety.

Sleep, specifically REM sleep, helps to empty your stress bucket. Often your bucket will be too full for sleep to be able to empty it on its own, so it can feel like anxiety becomes a permanent part of your life.

When your stress bucket is empty whatever anxiety you currently have will no longer be a part of your life. You will be able to think from the positive and logical part of your brain where there is no anxiety.

Each time you listen to one of the recordings you will help to empty your stress bucket. Your brain waves will actually change as you relax. Instead of being dominated by beta brain waves your alpha and theta waves will become more prominent. This allows your mind to find peace, visualise and problem-solve, helping you to move forward with your life.

A woman sleeping peacefully having lowered her overwhelm
A picture showing the change that can happen with self-hypnosis

If you suffer from anxiety it is probable that you will have difficulty either falling asleep or staying asleep, or perhaps both. It’s very usual for people with anxiety to wake up around 3 am and then find it difficult to fall back asleep. This is the result of having a full stress bucket.

By listening to any one of the downloads in bed over a number of weeks, you will help to calm your mind and significantly increase your chances of quickly drifting off and enjoying a full night of peaceful sleep.

In addition to listening to the downloads at bedtime, you can listen to them during the day. You will notice a relaxed calmness as you come back to full consciousness after listening to any of the recordings just once, however, listening to them over a number of weeks will prove to be a more beneficial way of emptying your stress bucket, lowering your anxiety levels and naturally improving your levels of confidence and self-worth.

Each one of the below downloads has been specially designed to help you lower your levels of anxiety and increase your ability to sleep well. For each download, you will receive a video and mp3 format.

These are exactly the same downloads that my clients all use to help achieve their transformational results


Feel both your mind and body relax and notice muscle tension simply fade away as you listen to this wonderfully calming download.

It has been specifically designed to help you quieten your mind’s inner chatter, enabling you to enjoy deep levels of full-body relaxation.

It contains an anxiety release visualisation to help you let go of anxious thoughts, replacing them with new positive thought patterns.

£12.50  £6.50

Tropical Island

Be transported to your own tropical paradise where you can fully switch off and allow peace and tranquillity to wash over you.

This download has been specially designed to help you let go of all of your current worries, cares and fears so that you can come back to full consciousness feeling totally relaxed with elevated levels of positivity and self-belief.


Guided Relaxation

Allow yourself to be guided into a total state of inner relaxation. Switch off from all your worries and concerns and allow yourself time to just think of you.

This download is designed to help you let go of your past. It helps to remind and connect you with all the strengths and resources that you have enabling you to move forward with your life with a new positive mindset.


Sunrise Relaxation

Allow all tension to simply float away as you immerse yourself in forming your own sunrise picture.

Use your mind to paint and recall your own sunrise picture and increase your feelings of achievement as you bring back images and feelings linked to success.

This download has been specifically designed to help you enhance your feelings of confidence and self-worth.


Anxiety Relief Pack

Why compromise when you don’t need to?

This Anxiety Relief Pack contains the Calmness, Tropical Island, Sunrise and Guided Relaxation downloads so you’ll always have the perfect download to hand depending on your desire.