Safety Guidelines

If you are suffering from any type of psychosis, then please consult your G.P before listening to any of the downloads.

Do not listen to any of the downloads if you are driving or operating any type of machinery.

How to get the most from your downloads

Each of the downloads has been designed to help you lower your anxiety levels. By listening to the downloads with your eyes closed you will change your brain wave activity. Your delta waves will relax you, which in turn enable your alpha and theta brain waves to become more prominent. These are the brain waves that are associated with our brain’s ability to visualise, problem solve and move forwards with our lives.

Many people find that listening to the download in bed helps them to relax and fall asleep. While this is the case the downloads have been designed to help you empty your stress bucket and shouldn’t be viewed as a sleep aid.

If you have insomnia, then please use the following link to find out more about how my Sleep Well and Shine program can help you to overcome your sleep issue.

To get the most from your downloads you should:

    1. Allow a couple of hours to pass before listening to the download after strenuous exercise.
    2. Allow a couple of hours to pass before listening to the download after taking caffeinated drinks such as coke, tea and coffee.
    3. Make sure you’re not going to need the toilet during the time you are listening to the download.
    4. Make sure you are away from distractions.
    5. Just let your mind drift and take it where it wants to go. You will naturally find yourself sometimes focusing on the script and at others focusing on other things that are going on in your life at that moment
    6. To have the most benefit you should listen to your chosen download every day for a number of weeks. Many people find that somewhere around the 6 week period they are feeling much more relaxed and in control of their anxiety.