Reducing Anxiety – Can Hypnotherapy Help?

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Anxiety can present itself in various forms. It can affect anyone at any time and take a toll on their mental and physical well-being.

The effects of anxiety disorder

As a complex psychological condition, the nature and severity of anxiety varies from person to person. It can either gradually build up with time or attack all of a sudden, in what is known as a panic attack. It can accompany several chronic physical issues, including dizziness, increased blood pressure and a rapid, shallow breathing.

Ways hypnotherapy can help tackle anxiety

When it comes to tackling anxiety, you’ve probably tried a few things yourself. Whether it’s diet, good sleep, mindfulness; there’s no doubt you’ve been down that road and yet still find yourself suffering. Instead, if you were to work through a solutions based hypnotherapy approach, you’d be using a lot of visualisation techniques and forging the right, positive neural pathways instead of the negative ones that have built up over time in your mind.

Different forms of anxiety disorders

When discussing hypnotherapy to cure anxiety, you must first understand types of anxiety disorders. We discuss them in detail below.

  • Generalised anxiety disorder: This acts as a trap of negative thought processes. You may find it hard to find a way out. You may feel anxious and worried about several imaginary situations rather than something specific.
  • Social anxiety: It can be defined as a persistent fear of social situations. This can badly affect your interpersonal communication skills. It can happen due to a past negative experience, which can be eliminated with proper mental conditioning.
  • Panic disorder: Out of all anxiety issues, this is one of the most gripping and long-lasting problems you may face. You may feel out of control and face some physical conditions, like stomach aches or dramatic changes in your heartbeat.

Curing anxiety with hypnotherapy process

To tackle the patterns of anxiety, hypnotherapy follows a systematic approach. It is a solutions-based therapy we follow that can stimulate your brain to respond normally to stress.

Our hypnotherapy helps you learn how your mind responds to stress and anxiety. You will also learn more about the intellectual and primitive parts of your brain. This helps you to gain more perspective and the responses to tackle anxiety properly. You may also improve your physical wellbeing, as we will look at things like sleep, exercise, or your diet.

These are the ways hypnotherapy sessions can help you tackle anxiety. If you are looking for a reliable partner to tackle these problems, visit Ian Murton Hypnotherapy. I can help you find perspective in life and eliminate negative thought processes. To learn more, you can visit my website today.