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If you are considering using online hypnotherapy you may naturally be wondering what it involves and how it can benefit you.  If after reading this article you still are not sure if accessing hypnotherapy online is suitable for you or your condition, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

How does online hypnotherapy work?

The actual hypnotherapy sessions follow the same format as if we were meeting face to face. The only difference is that all our communication is done via the Zoom platform. This makes it a particularly safe form of therapy that can take place from anywhere in the world providing there is a reliable internet connection. You will receive the same structured session and excellent level of service that you would during face to face therapy.

All parts of the of the hypnotherapy process can take place via Zoom, from the initial consultation through to the therapy session itself. A vast majority of our time together is spent in conversation, therefore we just need a method of communication where we can see and hear each other.

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I will send you an invitation via email stating the time and date of our session together. You will then only need to click on the link at the specified time to connect to the session. I will then invite you into your session. It really is that simple.

Once we have finished the psychotherapy (talking therapy) part  of our session then I will invite you to relax back while I guide you into a state of deep relaxation. Once you have enjoyed being in this relaxed trance state I will be able to help you come back to full consciousness just as effectively as if we were having a face to face session.

What are the benefits of online hypnotherapy?

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There is a multitude of reasons why clients prefer working online to the more traditional face-to-face format. It makes better use of time as there is no need to travel to and from appointments. As a result, it can be much more convenient. It makes it possible to fit a therapy session into a busy day as only an hour needs to be spared, there is no need to add travel time onto either end.

It can also mean that you can enjoy your therapy sessions from different locations if necessary. As long as you are able to access a reliable internet connection then your therapy session can take place. This is particularly helpful if you wish to continue your therapy while you are on holiday or if you need to travel for work purposes.

During the last part of our session you will be guided into a relaxed state. It is during this state that your unconscious mind becomes receptive to suggestions which have a beneficial effect. One of the major benefits of being in a familiar environment is that you have the potential to enter this trance state more quickly.

Many people find travelling and finding parking spaces quite stressful. As the therapy session will take place from a location that is convenient to you, you avoid the hassle of having to travel to an appointment. As a majority of my clients are seeking help with symptoms related to anxiety it really makes little sense to add to their worries. Additionally, if you are seeking help for social anxiety or agoraphobia then we remove the necessity for you to leave your house.

Offering solution focused hypnotherapy online means that I am able to provide my services to both national and international clients. This gives many clients the opportunity to benefit from my services who would never have been able to if face to face therapy was the only option available. So wherever you are reading this article from we can work together to help you make positive changes for your future.

Is online hypnotherapy as effective as face to face hypnotherapy?


There is absolutely no difference to the structure of the session and the benefits are just the same if not better. We are by nature creatures of habit. Our brains love repetition. When things are comfortable our brain feels safe and we are able to relax more.  This may make it possible for you to enter a trance state more quickly. This means that your brain will have more time to focus on, further absorb and reflect on the things we have discussed during the session.

A number of studies have been conducted comparing the effectiveness of online hypnotherapy to face-to-face sessions. None of the studies found sessions delivered online to be less effective, whilst some of them found it to be a more effective method of delivery.


What do I need to benefit from online hypnotherapy?


There are just a few things that you need to make your sessions as effective as possible. You need to find a place free from distractions and somewhere comfortable to relax.

You will need a device that can be connected to the internet. I have run sessions with people using phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers. It really makes no difference to the effectiveness of the session. You may, towards the end of your session, wish to move from a chair to your bed in order to better achieve a relaxed state, so in this instance the more portable the device used the better.

You will need a sufficiently fast internet connection in order to run the Zoom program. A standard broadband or fibre connection is perfectly adequate. To help make your online hypnotherapy session run as smoothly as possible it is advised that you close down all other programs running in the background as this can sometimes interfere with the connection.


Can I be hypnotised online?

Everyone goes in and out of a trance state multiple times during the day. It is often referred to as a day dream like state. Some people are very susceptible to hypnosis and can enter a deep hypnotic state very easily. This is not necessary as far as our session together is concerned.

As long as you possess the ability to relax, you will enable your conscious and unconscious minds to work together to find solutions for your problems, making the therapy successful. I have run hundreds of online hypnotherapy sessions and no clients to date have found it difficult to relax in their familiar surroundings.

Online hypnotherapy on beach

What treatments can you offer?

I am able to use online hypnotherapy to offer people exactly the same treatments as if they were receiving face to face therapy. There is no difference to the either the range or the effectiveness of the treatments.

I am able to help people take control of a variety of debilitating conditions including; anxietydepression, fears and phobias, fertility issues, insomnia, IBS, pain, performance anxiety, PTSD, and weight management. I have also been able to use it very effectively to help people stop smoking and improve their sporting performance.

How can I find out more about using online hypnotherapy?

If you would like to find out more about how we can work together to help you achieve a more positive future, then please get in touch using this email link. 

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