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There are many reasons why people decide to stop smoking. There is often an overwhelming feeling of guilt, knowing that you’re doing something destructive to your health, that will increase your chances of dying and leaving your loved ones behind.   You might be annoyed at yourself that you’ve become a slave to a habit or maybe the cost of smoking is having a significant effect on your household finances. What ever your reason I’m glad that you’re considering using hypnotherapy to stop smoking, it really is a simple, safe, effective and painless process.  I hope that after you have read this page you will understand what has kept you smoking for so long (it’s not addiction) and trust me to help you to stop your destructive habit for good.

Perhaps you’ve tried many times to stop in the past but nothing seems to work. You’ve probably tried willpower, gum, patches and other nicotine replacement products in the past with little success. You’re not alone in that respect. A study in 2016 suggested that most smokers try to give up at least 30 times before they are successful. 

For over 15 years I repeatedly failed in my attempts to stop smoking. Despite all those failures, just like you, I knew I needed to quit this habit that was slowly killing me.  One session of hypnotherapy was all it took for me to become a non-smoker.

To increase your chances of successfully using online hypnotherapy to stop smoking I have refined, adapted and improved the treatment that I received and have created a unique smoking cessation package. 

Hypnotherapy to Stop Smoking

Smoking – A habit not an addiction

There is no logical or intellectual reason for you to smoke. You do not need me to tell you it’s expensive, it’s now seen as being unsociable, it makes your clothes and breath smell and increases your likelihood of dying. There is not one intelligent reason why you smoke.

Here’s a fact that might come as a bit of a shock, nicotine is not a highly addictive substance. It’s propaganda lead by companies to keep you buying their products. Studies into the permanent stop smoking success rate for nicotine replacement products show them to be under 10%.

Stopping smoking is not hard if you have the right mind set. It is estimated that approximately 660 people a day stub out a cigarette for the last time in the UK. That’s a good statistic to know. If 660 people a day successfully quit so can you.

How do we know nicotine is not highly addictive?

You can stay asleep for somewhere between 6 to 10 hours without the need to wake up to smoke. You can sit for 10-14 hours on a plane without a cigarette. You can if needed go 8 hours at work without smoking. You probably know at least one woman who quit immediately that she found out  she was pregnant. If nicotine was highly addictive, then none of these would be possible.

If you were a heroin addict, nicotine has falsely been claimed to be as addictive as heroin, there’s not a chance of you stopping for such lengths of time with minimal withdrawal symptoms. The addiction will take priority even over a developing foetus. It is not possible to use hypnosis to stop a heroin addict from using but it is certainly possible to use it to stop you from ever wanting to smoke gain.

Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy

Most independent scientists agree that the physically addictive aspect of smoking is around 10% and attribute 90% of it to being a physiological habit.

Our two minds

Smoking causes stress

As well as a very intelligent part of your mind that knows smoking is a deadly habit, you have a very simple primitive part. This is where your habit lies. This is the original part of our brain. Its job is to look out for and keep us safe from danger but it can get things badly wrong.

This primitive part of our brain has mistakenly formed the opinion that smoking reduces stress. When you smoke there is a physiological response. Smoking elevates your heart and breathing rate so your brain looks out for what caused the stress. About 45 mins after you’ve smoked you’ll start to get nicotine withdrawal pangs and start to feel a little on edge. So you have a cigarette and relieve this uncomfortable feeling but your primitive mind believes you’ve reduced the stress it was looking out for.

All you have done is to ease your withdrawal symptoms that your last cigarette caused. Your simple primitive brain however is convinced that smoking relieved your anxiety. It actually believes that smoking is a good thing so it does all it can to persuade you to keep on doing it.  However not one of the 4,000 chemicals in cigarette smoke is a relaxant. There are plenty of stressors though. So by continuing to smoke you are actually increasing your anxiety and stress levels not reducing them.

How hypnotherapy to stop smoking session works

During hypnosis the primitive part of your brain, where your habit lies calms down. Instead of being on red alert and looking out for perceived threat, it takes a back seat and just switches off. This allows different parts of your brain to be open to positive suggestion. These parts of your brain can be told in no uncertain terms that smoking is a deadly habit that must stop immediately.

You then pleasantly come back to full consciousness with your primitive brain aware that it should now be doing the job that it is supposed to do, looking out for real danger not false threats.

Why my hypnotherapy to stop smoking program works

The main reason is because I genuinely want you to be successful in stopping smoking. I was in your situation for 15 years. Had I not had Solution Focused Hypnotherapy I’d probably still be smoking today. I can understand the battle that’s going on inside your head and can fully emphasise with you.

I’ve therefore developed a comprehensive program to help you stop smoking for good.

A week before your stop smoking appointment you will be provided with a ‘Guided Relaxation Download’. This will help to begin the process of reducing the anxiety that years of smoking has built up. It will also give you an opportunity to get used to my voice which will make it much easier for you to go into a relaxed trance during our Zoom hypnotherapy session.

You will also be given a simple yet effective way to start to increase your serotonin levels that will have been reduced throughout your time smoking. This can help you to think even more positively about your life as a non-smoker.

You will be provided with an ‘Understanding Your Mind’ download to listen to. This will go into more detail about how your brain has been working against you and help you to understand why your previous attempts to stop smoking have been unsuccessful. Its main purpose is to educate you, in order that you fully understand you are not addicted to a substance, you just have an unhealthy habit. It is easier to permanently stop a habit than an addiction.

Finally, you will receive a copy of my ‘How to stop the time bomb’ stop smoking guide. It contains a 7-day step by step process to help fully prepare you for our appointment together. I believe that by following the guide you will significantly increase your chances of success and that you will be in a great position to enjoy the rest of your years living smoke free.

 How long will the hypnotherapy to stop smoking session last?

Only one session is necessary. The whole session will last somewhere between one and a half hours to two hours. If you would like to find out more about how we can use hypnotherapy online to help you live a life free from your smoking habit, then please get in touch using this email link. I look forward to helping you to live a longer and healthier life.

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