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Welcome to Ian Murton Hypnotherapy. Our hypnotherapy program is designed to help you quit smoking for good. If you’re tired of struggling with traditional methods, then we have the right type of hypnotherapy treatment that can help you quit smoking.

Our approach combines the power of hypnosis with personalised therapy sessions. We address both the psychological and physiological aspects of nicotine addiction. Our hypnotherapy to quit smoking is effective

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Nicotine is NOT a highly addictive substance. You just have an unhealthy habit, not an addiction!

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Avail sessions of hypnotherapy to quit smoking

Empower your mind, conquer nicotine addiction: choose hypnotherapy treatment.

At Ian Murton Hypnotherapy, we work to rewire the subconscious mind through gentle hypnotic techniques. This helps you break free from the cravings and triggers that keep you reaching for cigarettes.

Our hypnotherapy treatment gets to the root of the problem by targeting the subconscious beliefs that fuel your addiction. We can replace negative thought patterns with positive affirmations by accessing the subconscious mind in a relaxed state.

We also give suggestions for a smoke-free lifestyle.

“What chemical addiction allows you to pick and choose how long you are addicted to it?”

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Tailored hypnotherapy treatment as per individual needs

Our experienced hypnotherapists tailor each session to your individual needs. We provide a supportive and non-judgmental environment for your journey to becoming smoke-free.

Whether you’ve been smoking for years or have just recently picked up the habit, get in touch with us for a holistic approach to breaking free from nicotine addiction.

Take the first step towards a healthier, smoke-free life today. Contact us to schedule a consultation and learn more about how hypnotherapy can help you quit smoking for good.

“What chemical addiction allows you to pick and choose how long you are addicted to it?”

I then asked him if he’d given up smoking before. He told me he had once given up for 9 weeks but then started again to fit in with his social crowd.

I asked him again

“What chemical addiction allows you to pick and choose how long you are addicted to it?”

At this point, he fully understood that nicotine was indeed not addictive. He’d been lied to for all these years. There was no way that an addiction could last as little as 30 minutes on a Saturday night in the pub and then for as long as 9 weeks, which was the longest he’d gone without smoking before.

Once you understand that you too are not addicted to nicotine then quitting smoking becomes much easier.

You will have your own examples to prove you are not addicted to nicotine!

You can become a non-smoker in 3 easy steps

#01 Meet

You’ll be provided with a tool kit to increase the effectiveness of your stop smoking hypnosis session.

#02 Hypnosis

We discover your triggers & reasons for stopping. Your mindset changes to one of a non-smoker.

#03 Success

No more living as a smoker. You can look forward to all the benefits of living a life free from smoking.

Imagine being free of your smoking habit forever, what will you look forward to the most?

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Below is an interview with Sarah who had been a smoker for over 30 years before I used hypnotherapy via Zoom to help her quit.

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How much does hypnotherapy to quit smoking cost?

You can find out the price of stop smoking hypnotherapy by clicking on the highlighted link.

How long does a stop smoking hypnosis session last?

The initial consultation will last for approximately 40 minutes. The actual stop smoking hypnotherapy session will last for around 90 minutes, including hypnosis which will last for approximately 30 minutes.


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What happens at a stop smoking hypnotherapy session?

The aim of this session is for you to be 100% committed to giving up smoking before you go into hypnosis at the end of the session. The higher your motivation to quit the more effective your session will be.

In order for this to happen I will ask you for your smoking history detailing when you began, why you began and how many you smoke.

I will learn your triggers and the reasons why you want to stop smoking. This information will then be weaved into your bespoke stop smoking script making your hypnosis session extremely powerful.

We will also analyse the reasons why you have not been able to quit to date. We’ll expose the stories your primitive mind has been telling you and include these in your script to increase the effectiveness of your stop smoking hypnosis session.

When I have a clear picture of your motivation to quit and you fully understand how hypnosis works, it’s time for you to lay back, close your eyes and let your mind drift and dream as I guide you into trance.

This will last about 30 minutes and when you come back to full consciousness the cravings and desire to smoke will have left you completely.

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 How long will the hypnotherapy to quit smoking session last?

Only one session is necessary. The whole session will last somewhere between one and one and a half hours. If you would like to find out more about how we can use hypnotherapy to help you live a life free from your smoking habit, then please get in touch using this email link. I look forward to helping you to live a longer and healthier life.

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