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I’m Ian and I offer hypnotherapy and mental health support in Baldock and its surrounding areas including Norton, Radwell, Clothall, Bygrave and Wallington. I believe that you have the strength and resources within you to achieve life-changing results in just a matter of weeks. My goal is to guide and support you in this process for as long as you need me. I am a fully qualified and insured Solution Focused Hypnotherapist and I am registered with several awarding bodies including; The Association for Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, The National Council for Hypnotherapy and The Complementary and Natural Healthcare CouncilThese bodies regulate the hypnotherapy industry to help make sure their associated therapists give the best treatment possible.

Hypnotherapy and mental health support in Baldock – Conditions treated

Hypnotherapy can be used to help people address and overcome many different problem areas in their lives.  It is often used effectively to help people to lower their levels of stress and anxiety and to feel much more positive in their everyday living. High levels of stress and anxiety are unfortunately all too common in modern-day society. Stress and anxiety can easily be created as a result of the demands placed on us both at home and at work.

You are certainly not alone if you sometimes find life difficult. It is estimated that 1 in 6 people report experiencing a common mental health problem such as anxiety and depression in the UK each year. That’s a staggering 11 million people.

There are many conditions in which high anxiety levels are symptomatic. Much of my work is centred around helping people to lower their generalised anxiety levels, in order that they feel better able to live their day to day lives free from self-limiting thoughts and beliefs. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is however extremely versatile, amongst other things it can be used to help people:

Mental health and wellbeing support for children in Baldock

Mental illness is unfortunately all too common in children. Statistics show that 3 in 4 mental illnesses start before the age of 18, with 2 in 4 being evident before the age of 14. The long wait for services such as CAMHS means that 70% of children are currently not receiving help for their condition, with some waiting for up to 10 years for support with their mental health. My experience of being a teacher for the last 17 years paints a similar picture. Whilst there has without a doubt been a rise in the prevalence of children’s mental health conditions, the amount of money going into addressing them hasn’t, leaving the system overstretched.

Solution-focused hypnotherapy offers very quick results, it can be extremely effective in helping children from around the age of 8 upwards to find relief from their condition. As it is outcome and future-focused there is never any need for a child to discuss the actual problem concerning them. This allows the child to become engaged in their therapy as they are able to imagine and describe their future when the problem no longer exists.

The solution-focused method is in fact so effective, that the NSPCC use it as their approach to improving children’s mental health and wellbeing. You can find out how to use solution-focused practices with your child through the following link. Many parents have, however, trusted me to help their child to improve their mental health and wellbeing. I have worked with children of many ages to take control of a wide range of different types of anxiety including; phobias, social anxiety, generalised anxiety, disordered eating and OCD.

You can watch an interview with Matt where we discuss his experience of using solution-focused hypnotherapy to help his daughter to overcome OCD here. If you would like more information on teenage anxiety please visit the highlighted link.

How can hypnotherapy help you change?

Habits are formed in our unconscious mind. Once a thought or action is repeated a sufficient amount of times it moves from the conscious mind to the subconscious mind. It’s really all about making processing space. You can think of your conscious mind as your computer and your unconscious mind as a hard drive. To make memory space on your computer you may transfer files over to your hard drive and then delete them from your computer.

Once your habit is in your unconscious mind then it is very difficult to control it by conscious thought. You may try willpower to stop smoking or change your diet but eventually, your powerful subconscious mind usually wins and you go back to those creature comforts.

Hypnotherapy for anxiety in Milton Keynes

This is the same with your thoughts, if you tend to think negatively it becomes a habit. This means you may tend to overthink situations and have self-limiting beliefs. It is easy for your default forecasting position to become ‘I can’t’ or ‘What if’ as opposed to ‘I can’ and ‘I will’.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy allows us to give helpful, positive suggestions to your unconscious mind. It enables us to spend more time in our rational intellectual mind, which can lead to us feeling a greater sense of calmness and control.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy in Baldock

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is a safe, modern type of ‘talking therapy’ that combines the use of psychotherapy and hypnosis. It has its basis in neuroscience and offers a holistic approach to mental health. This makes it particularly effective in treating anxiety as the methods used to replicate the way your brain works when it is functioning well. I help to enhance your brain’s natural ability to reduce anxiety and think logically.

During our sessions, we focus all our attention on getting you to be the best version of yourself. To get you to this end destination there is no need for you to recall negative experiences associated with the past. Whilst sometimes in life it can be of benefit to analyse and evaluate situations, in the case of anxiety and related conditions, it can be very counterproductive and can in itself create more anxiety. It also tends to bring other issues to the fore so time is spent trying to address these as opposed to the original matter that you came to seek help for.

With Solution Focused Hypnotherapy we recognise that we can’t change the past therefore we begin with the end in mind. We look at what you want to achieve (the solution) as opposed to what prompted you to seek help (the problem). If you are interested in how Solution Focused Hypnotherapy works and discover how I have used it to successfully help to reduce stress and anxiety levels, please read my Case Study ‘How Solution Focused Hypnotherapy Calms Anxiety.

It’s constantly in a state of high alert looking out for the next thing to worry about. It’s common for people to feel as though they’re caught in a vicious circle, feeling like they are trapped inside their heads with negative thoughts spinning around constantly.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help to stop those thoughts spinning around, calming your mind and helping you to focus on and enjoy the more positive aspects of your life.


Online hypnotherapy in Baldock via Zoom

I conduct my therapy sessions via Zoom so I am able to help people from a wide geographical area. However, I find many of my clients come for hypnotherapy in Baldock and its surrounding areas including Norton, Radwell, Clothall, Bygrave and Wallington.

To date, my clients have found working by Zoom really beneficial as it has meant that there is no need for them to make travel arrangements. It’s just one less thing to worry about.

We are by nature creatures of habit, our brain loves repetition. When things are comfortable our brain feels safe and is able to relax more. The electrical waves in your brain actually change. What could be more comfortable than sitting back in your favourite armchair or lying on your bed to take part in your therapy session?

As long as you have a good internet connection, a device connected to it and an area in your house where you won’t be disturbed then your therapy session will be just as effective as one conducted face to face. In fact, it can be more effective as you’re much more likely to be able to enter a trance state quicker when you feel safe and comfortable in a familiar environment.

If you would like to find out more information regarding online hypnotherapy, please use this link.

Using hypnotherapy in Baldock to improve mental health and wellbeing

5 star google reviews

Below are a few snippets from some of the many satisfied clients I have worked with. For more reviews please visit my testimonial page.


‘Ian has helped me get back my self-esteem and mojo’


‘I have waited for nearly a month to write this review because I am so amazed that stopping smoking has been as easy and pain free as it has’


‘I have tried all sorts of methods to help with my anxiety but seeing Ian is the only method that has worked for me’


‘I feel like I’ve had a massive reset’


‘Work is currently quite stressful but I keep listening to the download and the tips that Ian gave me and I’m flying’


‘Ian is calm and understanding and pushes you to find the answers in you that you know are there’


‘I feel much more in control of my habits. I can see that there was much more to my problems than just eating’


‘Ian somehow took away my self-guilt and self-shame and helped me to achieve my goals’


‘My performances have improved since my sessions with Ian. They have enabled me to better deal with on court stress and helped me to develop a more positive mind set’


‘I can’t believe the difference that he has made to how I cope with things after just a few sessions’

Moving forward

If you live in or around Baldock and would like to find out how hypnotherapy can help you, please get in touch using my contact form. I offer a free initial consultation where I explain how your mind works, why you feel the way you do and more importantly how I feel I can help you to become the best version of yourself.

Interesting facts about Baldock

Baldock Methodist Church
  • The Arts and Heritage Centre within Baldock Town Hall showcases young bands, theatre groups and concerts.
  • Baldock holds an annual Balstock Festival which hosts live music in a variety of pubs and venues across the town. It is now Hertfordshire’s biggest free music festival.
  • Baldock has run an annual Independent Beer Festival each year since 2007. In 2017 it became a registered charity.
  • Baldock Town F.C has played at numerous venues in and around Baldock including; Elmswood Manor, Knights Templar Sports Centre and more recently Norton Road.
  • King John gave the rights to the Templars to hold an annual fair at Baldock. The first fair was held in 1199.
  • Charles I passed through Baldock en route to London after his arrest in 1648.
  • Notable residents of Baldock include; Elizabeth Hall, Leanne Wilson and Marianne Winder.
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