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What is a phobia?

A phobia can be described as an extreme, overwhelming or debilitating fear of an object, place, situation or feeling. It is normal for you to experience fear in situations which put you at risk. However, your phobia will mean that you can induce a fear response where there is no apparent logic behind it. Hypnotherapy for phobias can help you to find freedom from your condition and live your life to the full.

Why do I react the way I do?

Your phobia triggers your fight/flight stress response. This is an early warning system located within the primitive part of your brain. The main aim of your primitive brain is to keep you safe. When you feel threatened different parts of your primitive brain react to the danger.

A image representng the brain as a filing cabinet

One part responsible for memory can be thought of as a filing cabinet that contains thousands of files that decide how you will react in certain situations. These files are developed as a result of your experiences and reaction to those experiences. When you encounter a stressful situation your brain will look through these files, if it encounters one that matches, then your fight/ flight response will be activated. This will mean that your body will be flooded with stress hormones.

Why do I feel panic or on edge?

These hormones will mean you become more alert and you will notice an increase in both your breathing and heart rate. You may find that your skin becomes tingly as a result of your excess hormone production. Your body is now primed and ready to either fight or flee from danger. Sometimes the effect can be so overwhelming however that you just freeze.

Your fight/ flight reaction can be potentially lifesaving. It can though, very unhelpfully, react in the same way to any perceived threat such as; driving, snakes, dogs, needles, cats, lifts, heights and flights, the list is endless. Thankfully hypnotherapy for phobias can be used to help you overcome any fear response you currently have.

How can hypnotherapy for phobias help?

Hypnotherapy for phobias is a very effective treatment that enables people to overcome their fears by enabling them to access their subconscious mind.

The effects are increased when used alongside other forms of therapy which is why my BE CALM HYPNOTHERAPY package uses hypnotherapy for phobias alongside a number of different theraputic approaches.

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 Why has my phobia developed?

Many of our phobias develop in childhood. One way that a young child learns is through observation. If as a child you were playing with a spider and a parent screamed and ran out of the room, then an association has been made. The more you see your parent react in this way the deeper your fear is ingrained.  A file is then created and stored in your filing cabinet titled ‘Spiders are dangerous’.

Alternatively, you might have perceived an event to be frightening. This is very individual. Others may have experienced the same situation but not perceived the event to be a danger. You might, for example, have been on several flights without any problems, but then during one particular flight, you experience severe turbulence.

A woman thinking with different parts of her brain

It’s also possible to develop a phobia just from your thoughts. You may not have even encountered the situation, but repetitive worrying has meant that you have perceived it to be threatening.

It doesn’t matter how your phobia was caused, the response will be the same. You will probably become frustrated that you can’t control your reaction to it especially as your phobia will be illogical. Thankfully hypnotherapy for phobias can enable you to successfully overcome your fear reponse no matter its origins.

The part of your brain where your phobia lies cannot think with logic and therefore it can’t be reasoned with. Hypnotherapy for phobias enables us to safely and simply access this part of your mind.

What is hypnosis and why is it such an effective phobia treatment?

A woman listening to a hypnosis track

You will probably have heard of both the terms hypnosis and trance. They can really be thought of as being interchangeable, as they both describe a time when you experience a shift in your conscious awareness. It’s often described as being in a daydream. So when you gaze out of the window you have gone into trance.

You may recall a time when you’ve been in conversation with a friend and tried to remember the name of a film or book. No matter how hard you try when you are consciously thinking about it you can’t recall the name. It’s only later at home when you are daydreaming that the name pops into your head.

During the daydreaming state, your conscious and unconscious minds have worked together to give you the answer you were looking for. Hypnosis is a great PROBLEM-SOLVING state that we naturally go into many times during our day.

During hypnosis, when your brain is relaxed, it is more open to suggestions as the parts of your brain that create anxiety become less predominant.

How does hypnosis for phobias work?

During hypnosis, our brain waves alter. When we are awake and especially if we are anxious our beta waves are predominant. However, when we are in a relaxed trance state this activity lessens. Our alpha and theta waves become more influential which enables us to visualise and then come up with solutions to our problems.

Other common questions

Can hypnotherapy for phobias work alongside other therapies?

Yes. I have designed a package to help you overcome your phobia that utilises a number of different types of therapy including; Hypnotherapy for phobias, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques.

It equips you with all the tools necessary to live your life phobia-free.

We are together for 3 sessions, usually over 3 weeks. During each session, we use one of the different types of therapy.

What types of phobias can be treated using hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy for phobias is an effective treatment for all types of irrational fears. It doesn’t matter how long your phobia has been part of your life experience and for how long you’ve been suffering with the symptoms.

The only things it cannot help with, however, are the fear of falling and the fear of sudden loud noises as we are hardwired with these. No type of phobia hypnotherapy will be able to help overcome these fears, although don’t confuse the fear of falling with the fear of heights as these are very different.

How long will the results of the treatment last?

The results are permanent. Your phobia is not something that you will need to ever worry about again.


How many sessions will I need?

You will only need 3 sessions of therapy no matter what your fear or phobia is.

Can everyone be hyptonised?

Yes, everyone has the ability be hypnotised if they wish to. No one can be hypnotised against their will. Hypnosis is not mind control, it’s just a form of deep relaxation. Some people may take longer to achieve this level of relaxation but everyone has the ability to be hypnotised.

How does hypnotherapy for phobias differ from using other types of treatment?

Hypnotherapy for phobias differs from other forms of treatment as it primarily works with the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is very powerful and responsible for around 97% of our thoughts. Hypnotherapy is a natural form of treatment that requires no additional medication for it to be effective.

What are the benefits of using hypnotherpy for phobias?

Because hypnosis is a natural state there is little chance of encountering any side effects from the treatment. As it works directly with the subconscious mind it is a very quick and effective form of treatment. Results are seen in just a matter of weeks.



Will I lose control during hypnosis?

No. Hypnosis is a state of focused attention. All hypnosis is in fact self hypnosis which means that you will remain in control at all times.


Does hypnotherapy have any known side effects?

Hypnotherapy uses the state of hypnosis to enable people to make positive changes. Hypnosis is a perfectly natural state that we go into regularly each day.

When a person is guided into a state of hypnosis by a hypnotherapist they will go into a deeper level of relaxation than they would do normally. As a result, people who experience conditions such as psychosis should consult their mental health care team before beginning therapy.

Removing your fear response doesn’t have to be hard. It’s as simple as;

#01 Discover

You learn what’s happening to make you react the way you do and how we can work together to change your mindset.

#02 Change

We meet each week for 3 sessions each time utilising a different technique. We can do this either online or face-to-face.

#03 Thrive

No more living in fear.  You’ve completely changed your way of thinking allowing you to live your life to the full.

Be calm hypnotherapy

We can use hypnotherapy for phobias alongside other techniques to eliminate your triggers and overcome fear just like others have!

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How can we work together?

One of the major benefits of my BE CALM HYPNOTHERAPY package is that it’s equally effective whether it’s accessed online via Zoom or face-to-face. Using an online approach means that I can use hypnotherapy for phobias and the other techniques contained in the program to enable you to achieve freedom from your phobia no matter your location.

Being in a familiar environment may make it a more relaxing experience making it easier for you to enter a trance state therby increasing the effectiveness of your therapy.

2 pieces of a jigsaw coming together to represent using hypnotherapy for phobias to help the client move forwards with their life

I have used online hypnotherapy to help many people break free from the anxiety that was holding them back in life. If you would like to find out more about online hypnotherapy please use the highlighted link.

Why I believe I’m the best person to use hypnotherapy for phobias to help you change

I have spent my working life helping people to reach their potential. I get enormous satisfaction from helping people to change and become the best version of themselves.

I am a qualified hypnotherapist and a member of a number of awarding bodies which means I have to adhere to strict codes of conduct and continue to develop myself professionally. You can be sure your mental health is in a safe empathetic pair of hands.

I have successfully used hypnotherapy for phobias to help people break free from a whole range of irrational fears.

I am one of the most highly reviewed hypnotherapists in the UK because I get results for my clients.

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Based on the RESULTS I achieve for my clients and the standard of my work I have won several nationally recognised awards.

REST registered tutor
REST registered tutor
Best Hypnotherapy in Stevenage
Hypnotherapy Practise of the Year Winner

How can I find out more about hypnotherapy for phobias?

If you would like to find out more about how we can use hypnotherapy for phobias to help you to live a life free from the debilitating effects of your fear, then please get in touch using this email link.

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