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Having a fear of flying can really hold you back

You have the hassle and expense of making alternative travel arrangements. It’s inconvenient.

It stops you from looking forward to your holiday. It’s always in the back of your mind. It’s annoying.

It knocks your confidence and you start to believe that things will never get better. It’s demoralising.

It stops you from travelling to remote areas of the world that you’d like to explore. It’s frustrating.

It can cause tension and feelings of resentment between family members.  It’s isolating.

You have to try and self-medicate with alcohol, sedatives or herbal remedies. It’s embarrassing.

No one should have to live with a fear of flying. You deserve the freedom that being a confident flyer brings.

Here’s what being a confident flier might look like for you

Not having fear build up as your departure date approaches.

Being able to accept job offers with international travel requirements.

Being able to travel to any destination of your choice.

Being able to visit family and friends wherever they may be.

Having the opportunity to experience new places and cultures.

Being able to just sit back relax and enjoy the flight.

Hypnotherapy for fear of flying – Contents

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What is hypnotherapy for fear of flying?

Do I have flying anxiety or a flying phobia?

How effective is hypnosis for flying phobia?

Flying anxiety success stories

How can we work together?


How common is flying anxiety?

If you have developed a fear of flying, then you are certainly not alone. A recent article estimated that between 33% to 40% of people have some anxiety linked to flying. Another one suggested that as many as 1 in 6 people’s fear of flying is so severe that it stops them from flying altogether.

Thankfully hypnotherapy for fear of flying is a very effective technique to help relieve the stress associated with flying leaving you free to explore the world.

What is hypnotherapy for fear of flying?

A woman thinking

Hypnotherapy is a type of therapy that uses the natural state of hypnosis to bring about positive changes.

As it works directly with the subconscious mind its results are very fast and effective. 


Your flying anxiety is located in your subconscious mind, that’s why it’s not logical and you don’t consciously have any power over it. 

What is hypnosis for fear of flying?

You will probably have heard of both the terms hypnosis and trance. They can be thought of as being interchangeable, as they both describe a time when you experience a shift in your conscious awareness. It’s often described as being in a daydream.

A diagram of a brain duisplaying neuroplasticity

Hypnosis is a great problem-solving state that we naturally go into many times during our day.

I can guide you into this relaxed daydream-like state. During this time your subconscious mind is receptive to new ideas and open to trying new ways to help you overcome your fear of flying.


What is flying anxiety?

Like many types of anxiety, crafting a specific definition for flying anxiety is quite difficult as it affects different people in different ways. For some people, their fear of flying may stop them from flying altogether. For others, it may mean they can fly short haul but they feel nervous and anxious throughout the flight until they land safely.

Some may find the take-off and landing terrifying but are relaxed at all other times, for others it can be the exact opposite.

In a broad sense, flying anxiety could be described as an excessive worry about air travel.

Do I have flying anxiety or a flying phobia?

A woman with question marks around her head

Flying anxiety is an umbrella term that refers to any type of anxiety that is a direct result of flying. A phobia is a specifc type of flying anxiety.


A phobia typically arises from a specific triggering event (though this doesn’t need to be dramatic) and results in an intense fear of flying being built up over time.

What is a phobia?

A phobia can be thought of as a distinct type of anxiety. A phobia can be described as an extreme, irrational, overwhelming, or debilitating fear of an object, place, situation, or feeling.

How do I know if I have a flying phobia?

Determining if you have a phobia can sometimes be unclear, as often people don’t think their fear is severe enough to qualify as a phobia. Rather than trying to associate it with extreme terror, it’s often more useful to think of a phobia as an irrational fear.

One way to gauge whether your fear aligns with a phobia is by comparing your feelings to those of your family and friends. If they don’t share the same level of apprehension towards flying, it may suggest that your fear is disproportionate or irrational.

However, the label of having a phobia isn’t important. What truly matters is whether your fear impedes your ability to live the life you want. Thankfully whatever type of flying anxiety you have hypnotherapy for fear of flying can enable you to board a plane and fly with confidence.

Why has my flying phobia developed?

Perhaps you experienced severe turbulence or a difficult landing, or it’s quite possible that you can’t recall a specific triggering event at all. The triggering event could have been seemingly innocent such as seeing the cabin lights unexpectedly flickering or hearing a strange noise from the engine.

When awake, our brains constantly take in information through our senses. You can think of these waking hours as your brain being in record mode. When we sleep our brains enter playback mode.

A image representng the brain as a filing cabinet

When you’re dreaming, your brain transfers memories from the primitive, emotional mind to the intellectual, logical part.

If during this process it encounters an event that it believes to be unusual or threatening, the memory will be stored. These stored files will then help your brain to predict how to react in the future.

When your thoughts turn to flying these files will remind you that it’s something to be feared and as a result, you’ll activate your fight/ flight/freeze response. 

The more times you experience nervousness whilst flying, the more you’ll add to these files worsening your anxiety.

How effective is hypnosis for flying phobia?

Hypnosis for flying phobia is a speedy and effective way of helping you overcome any type of flight anxiety that you may have, including a phobia. Your fear of flying is located within your subconscious mind, this means that you have no control over it and you can’t reason with it.

Your subconscious mind always has a positive intention but its outcome often isn’t.  It’s trying to keep you safe but by doing so it means you can’t live the life you want.

By using hypnosis it’s possible to influence your subconscious mind so that it no longer believes that it needs to keep you safe from flying. Using hypnosis for flying means that you can fly with confidence and go out and explore the world!

Flying anxiety is stopping me from living my life, why can’t I control it?

A frustrated woman

When your flying anxiety is stopping you from doing the things you’d like to, it can be hard to imagine that your brain is actually trying to help.

As illogical as it may seem your brain is doing its best to try and protect you. It has viewed flying as a threat and so is now doing all it can to keep you safe from it by activating your fight/flight/freeze response.


Will my fear of flying go away on its own?

Unfortunately, if your fear of flying is severe it’s unlikely to disappear on its own accord. Your flying anxiety is serving a purpose. However, this doesn’t mean you have to live with it permanently. Hypnotherapy for fear of flying is an extremely effective way to help you overcome your fear of flying.


A woman thinking about questions to ask during her consultation

Can I remove my fear of flying using online hypnotherapy?

A woman using online hypnotherapy to help overcome her fear of flying

Yes, definitely. All of my success stories have been achieved using online hypnotherapy. I regularly run hypnotherapy sessions for people all around the world. Distance really is no object to you achieving your goal.


Thankfully online hypnotherapy means that you are not limited to only using your local hypnotherapist who might not be skilled in helping you overcome your flying anxiety.

You can find out anything you want to know about online hypnotherapy by using the included link.

Getting you from where you are now to being a confident flyer is simple. Here’s how we achieve it

#01 Consultation

You learn what’s happening to make you feel the way you do and how hypnotherapy and NLP work to change your mindset.

#02 Change

We meet either online or face-to- face and use a variety of techniques to get you feeling back in control.

#03 Success

No more flight anxiety. You’ve completely changed your way of thinking and have become a calm, confident flyer.

Think Better – Feel Better – Live Better

Flying anxiety success stories!

It’s important to remember that your flying anxiety is located in your subconscious mind. Most techniques to try and build up your confidence such as positive self-talk or examining safety statistics usually fail because these try to affect change in your intellectual, conscious mind.

Your flying anxiety isn’t there. If it was then they would work and you wouldn’t be here now looking for a solution.

Hypnotherapy and NLP enable your subconscious mind to be positively influenced so that it no longer views flying as a threat. By combining these therapies I enable my clients to achieve a complete mindset shift.

I’ve shared some of their amazing success stories below.


Flight phobia review
5 star Google review
5 star Google review
Charlotte 5 star Google review
Paul 5 star google review
2 confident flyers at Dublin airport

Think Better – Feel Better – Live Better

Get to live the life you want without your fear of flying keeping you trapped.

Deatils of how people can use hypnotherapy to overcome their fear of flying

Let’s use the combined power of Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Lingustic Programming to eliminate your fear of flying.

In addition to hypnotherapy your CALM FLY HYPNOTHERAPY package includes a Neuro-Linguistic Programming session.

Your brain predicts how you will feel in any given situation based on past experiences. Each time you feel anxious when you fly, you’ll be adding to the ‘flying is dangerous’ file stored in your brain.

It then becomes a vicious circle, each time you feel on edge you’ll be adding evidence to the file in your brain, making the likelihood of you being a relaxed flier further and further away. At some point, many people just stop flying altogether as their anxiety gets too much to cope with.

NLP enables us to quickly and effectively change the makeup of our memories. In effect, we corrupt the files. As the memories are corrupted, there is no longer any evidence that you are a nervous flyer and so you no longer create anxiety.

Are you thinking “Hypnotherapy won’t work for me?” – Most of these clients thought that too, now they’re enjoying living free from their problem!

How will your life be different without flying anxiety holding you back?

A happy family on holiday
A confident woman sitting in an aeroplane
A family packing ready for their holiday
A couple getting married on a beach

I’m Ian. I’d love to help you overcome your fear of flying.

Ian Murton
Ian and his sons in a bluebell wood

Here’s why I believe I’m the best person to help you.

#01 Reassurance

You can feel reassured in my ability knowing that all my Google reviews are 5 stars. I never let anyone down.

#02 Experience

You can feel confident knowing that I’ve helped hundreds of people overcome the obstacles in their minds.

#03 Friendly

You can relax knowing I’m just a normal friendly family man who will go above and beyond to help.

Think Better – Feel Better – Live Better

Professional Accreditations

NLP Practitioner Academy
Anxiety UK Approved Therapist
Ali Campbell Hypnotherapy Academy logo

I’m just a down-to-earth person who will pull out all the stops to get my client results.

5 star Google review
5 star review
Lucy 5 star review
5 star Google review
5 star Google Review
5 star google review

How can we work together?

Hypnotherapy is equally effective whether it’s carried out online or face-to-face. Using an online approach means that I can use hypnotherapy to help you overcome your flying anxiety no matter where you are located.

However, if you live within travelling distance of Fairfield, Hitchin, Hertfordshire you also have the option to come to my therapy room for face-to-face sessions.

2 pieces of a jigsaw coming together to represent using hypnotherapy for phobias to help the client move forwards with their life

Hypnotherapy awards

Hypnotherapy Practise of the Year Winner
REST registered tutor
Best Hypnotherapy in Stevenage

Flying anxiety doesn’t have to stop you living your life to the full. There’s a simple solution available to you now!

Think Better – Feel Better – Live Better

Author: Ian Murton HPD DSFH AfSFH Reg NCH Reg CNHC Reg is an award-winning hypnotherapist running sessions via Zoom from his home on the Bedfordshire/ Hertfordshire border

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