Use the power of hypnotherapy and thought retraining to take permanent control of your anxiety in less than 90 days

Finally, a simple and proven way to manage anxiety, so you can look forward to enjoying living life to the full

You might not consider yourself to be among the 1 in 6 people in the UK whose lives are currently controlled by anxiety but;

You can’t escape the thoughts inside your head making it difficult for you to switch off and relax.

You wake in the morning lacking vitality and drive, just hoping that you could feel energised again.

You know that you’re not as confident as you used to be and recognise it’s holding you back in life.

You spend your day worrying, measuring your life by what might go wrong.

You regularly turn down social invites and have forgotten that positive fun-loving person you used to be.

Your life really doesn’t have to be like this.


You just need an easy simple solution that fits into your everyday life.

Once you understand how your brain creates anxiety it’s such a simple process to take control of it.

I’d like to formally introduce you to ‘Freedom From Anxiety’

The online self-study course that enables you to master your thoughts and quieten your mind using a combination of simple effective techniques and life-changing hypnosis audios.

Anxiety UK Approved Therapist
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A life with anxiety under control allows you to:

Think Better

So you can quickly stop yourself from catastrophising. Instead of thinking about what might go wrong, let’s enable your mind to focus on achieving all those things you’ve told yourself you’ll never be able to.

Feel Better

Anxiety is tiring. Having a whirlwind of worry as a constant companion is draining. More energy means spending more time on the things you enjoy, the things that make your life more fulfilling.


Be Better

So you can live life to the full. Forget just coping with life and allow yourself to thrive. Imagine what your life could be like with clear thought, confidence, energy and drive.

These things sound wonderful, right? But they just seem like a distant dream. Something that couldn’t possibly happen to you.

Your life now seems like a daily struggle of trying to meet the demands of your family and work commitments. Just coping feels like a success.


You’re not alone. It’s estimated that as many 8 million people live with an anxiety related condition in the UK. Globally it’s estimated that over 285 million people suffer from anxiety.

Like millions of others you’re currently

#1 Feeling trapped by your thoughts. You don’t understand why you’re constantly looking out for things to go wrong. Your confidence and self-belief seem to have vanished. It never used to be like this.

#2 Unable to enjoy your life as you would want. You feel tired and run down and you’re just not enthusiastic as you remember yourself being.

#3 Feeling worried about the future. You find yourself worrying over the things that should be enjoyable and don’t understand what’s changed.

#4 Wondering why you feel the way you do. You know you’ve not always felt this way but right now it’s hard for you to see the light at the end of the tunnel. There’s always a mountain of obstacles in the way.

Perhaps the voice inside your head that keeps whispering that you deserve better is getting louder and is becoming impossible to ignore.

“Achieving freedom from your anxiety is simply about taking the right next step, using simple techniques that fit into your everyday life.”

There are alternative ways to lower my anxiety, why shouldn’t I take them up?

Relying on other alternatives has probably brought you to this page. Focusing on the problem rarely gives us the solution we are looking for.

As humans we’re programmed to look for a quick fix;

alcohol to block out the pain and relieve stress,

deep breathing exercises to help us feel calm,

a variety of pills to get us through the day,

some calming music to help us switch off,

a walk in the park to provide some headspace,

high fat, high sugar food to lift our mood.

Your anxiety has built up over time. It’s just not possible for short-term fixes to provide effective long term solutions.

Solution-focused hypnotherapy has its origins in neuroscience. It’s based on scientific research as to how your brain creates and removes anxiety, making it an extremely effective approach to improving wellbeing.

Ian Murton in woods with his sons

I get that you want your anxiety to go away but you just don’t know how.

It feels hopeless

Not too long ago I felt the same. I’ve been where you are;

Lacking confidence and self-belief
Having negative thoughts filling my mind
Evaluating the future by what might go wrong
Struggling to get to sleep and then waking up early only for worries to start filling my mind again
Finding it difficult to relax and switch off
Feeling like the enjoyment had been taken out of my life
I felt trapped
And now?


I’m thriving. I’m back to the fun-loving positive person that I used to be.

Solution-focused hypnotherapy has not only helped me to gain freedom from my anxiety but has also given me a career that enables me to look forward to each day.

I specialise in helping people to control their anxiety so they can live the life they used to only dream about.

My training knowledge and expertise have meant that I am an approved therapist for Anxiety UK, the nation’s leading charity in the battle against anxiety.

Anxiety UK Approved Therapist

Global Health and Pharma recognised me as the Best Solution Focused Hypnotherapist (South East) in their 2022 Mental Health Awards.

And the best part is I’m doing a job I love. Helping people to make positive changes to their life fills me with pride, it’s what I do best.

I want to give you the tools so you too can change your story and feel in control of your life no matter what comes your way!

You’re less than 90 days from leaving your anxious thoughts in the past and instead enjoy living the life you want.

This proven system will help you to positively move forwards with your life even if:


You’ve been suffering from anxiety for years and can’t remember a time when you weren’t anxious.


You are currently lacking in self-belief and are not sure if you can change.


You don’t know how you could possibly fit anything else into your busy work or home life.


You don’t have hundreds of pounds to invest in your mental health and wellbeing.


You’ve never used hypnotherapy before and are even not sure of what it is.


You’ve tried other types of alternative therapies with little success.


Your mind feels full of clutter and unhelpful thoughts so you lack the ability to focus.


You are currently living with a variety of anxiety related conditions.

What’s included in your ‘Freedom From Anxiety’ course

Why you feel the way you do

(value £425)

In Module 1 you’ll discover why you have created anxiety and why you have found it so hard to achieve freedom from it up until now. You’ll understand your brain and body’s response to anxiety and discover a simple way to ensure that you balance your chemical response, setting you up to thrive.

Your brain is truly amazing, but it can either work for you or against you. You’ll be shown how to incorporate a simple 2 step technique into your daily life which will enable you to stop thinking from the negative emotional part of your brain. Instead you will be able to break free from your destructive negative thoughts and think from the logical, rational part of your brain where there is no anxiety.

Destination freedom

(value £25)

When you live with anxiety it’s so easy to judge your life by what might go wrong, always expecting the worst to happen. By the end of Module 2 you will learn methods and techniques to help you to recognise and reflect on the more positive aspects of your life. In a matter of weeks your once negative mind set will change to one of positivity.

You are what you think

(value £50)

This module is a game changer. By the end of Module 3 you will learn the link between thoughts and emotions and be shown ways to retrain your thinking. You will discover how your mind works and where you’ve been going wrong up until now.

I’ll show you how to use an incredibly simple and powerful technique to permanently remove damaging negative thoughts allowing positive ones to take their place.

Neuro Linguistic Programming

(value £50)

Sweating, a racing heart, dry mouth, blushing, dizziness and nausea are common symptoms of performance anxiety. In Module 4 you will learn a way to calm your stress response. You will be able to instantly calm your mind in order that you can control your mental and physical response in any stressful situation.

The wonderful world of hypnosis

(value £15)

Set your mind at ease. In Module 5 you will discover what happens in your brain during hypnosis and why the trance state is so beneficial in helping you to calm your mind and solve your daily problems.

Relaxation downloads

(value £15)

Enjoy a choice of 3 powerful, specially designed hypnosis tracks to help you to relax and calm your whirring thoughts. Each download varies in content and length so there’s always an enjoyable one to listen to that can easily fit into your day.

All lessons are available in video, pdf and mp3 formats enabling you to gain access wherever you are at whatever time of day you choose.

Bonus #1

Two Paths

How many times have you started something only to drop out before you reach your goal? You’ll be shown a simple technique to help you complete your journey to mastering your anxiety.

Value £25

Bonus #2

Calmness Relaxation Download

Enjoy a life of peace and calmness. This download has been specifically designed to help you to achieve freedom from your anxiety more quickly.
Close your eyes, rest and relax as you visualise anxiety being removed from your life.

Value £25


The total of the individual components and bonuses far exceed the price of FREEDOM FROM ANXIETY COURSE. If you were to purchase these separately you would need to spend £630 

Imagine how differently your life could be in less than 90 days

What would you look forward to enjoying the most?

Having more confidence and self-belief so that you can make the most of out opportunites that present themselves.

Being able to say ‘yes’ to social invites so that your life becomes much more fun and fulfilling.

Being free of mind chatter and brain fog so that you can think clearly and focus on tasks.

Having the ability to react to situations with calmness rather than anger and frustration, so that your relationships are more harmonious.

Being able to drift off into a peaceful sleep so that you don’t need to spend hours tossing and turning in bed.

Being able to wake up each day with a zest for life so that you can thrive instead of cope.

Having your mindset changed from being negative to positive, so you can enjoy living life to the full.


I really don’t want you to miss out and I can’t wait to hear about your success story.

I had battled anxiety for years, but it would get worse when something significant happened, things as a bereavement or a sudden change in lifestyle. I was overthinking everything and stressing and I felt I’d lost all motivation in my business.
I now feel like I’ve had a massive reset. I now find myself not stressing over the small stuff. I’m no longer waking up lethargic anymore, I make the most of my days and I’ve fallen back in love with my business all over again. The increased confidence in myself has been a big game-changer for me and my work has picked up as a result.


Anxiety comes to us all in one form or another and in peaks and troughs, but what can you do about it?
Well in my case, I knew that I wanted to be a better version of myself, but my anxiety and lack of confidence at work were getting in the way. I’d go to sleep but keep waking up throughout the night, and not be able to go back to sleep or feel rested in the morning.
Listening to the download each night I was surprised at how after a few sessions I was sleeping much better. My mindset was changing and I was becoming more confident within myself. Work is quite stressful but I keep listening to the download and using the techniques and I’m flying.

– Neena

I was feeling really anxious on a daily basis and found myself bursting into tears at random times and unable to hold things together anymore.
I now feel much less stressed, more confident and less anxious about life in general. I feel like I have finally got things together again and can approach each day with a positive mindset. It was too easy in the past to let all the negative things happening in my life become so overwhelming that I became anxious and stressed on a daily basis. I’m now finding time to do things that I enjoy and that bring me those “feel good” moments that boost my levels of happiness.



If you were seeing me on a one to one basis the minimum amount you would need to spend is £500, that’s the price of 6 sessions.

I understand that not everyone has the financial resources or the time to undertake one to one sessions with me. I’ve taken the methods and techniques that I’ve so successfully used time and time with my clients and put them into this life-changing program. It’s just as powerful as working one to one but at a fraction of the price without the need to find the time for weekly sessions.

Just by spending a few minutes each day implementing the tools and techniques contained in this program, you’ll easily be able to adopt a much more positive mindset, leaving your anxious thoughts behind.

It’s also not possible for me to work one to one with every person who reaches out.

Get immediate access to the course and start living your life to the full for just



One-time Payment, No recurring fees, Lifetime access

That’s the price of just 6 bottles of wine that perhaps you’re currently using to self medicate.

15 take away coffees that maybe you’re using to try and keep going from one day to the next.

A monthly gym pass that you probably don’t have the energy, confidence or motivation to currently use.

My complete confidence guarantee


I want to make this totally risk free for you.

If you purchase your course today and for whatever reason you decide the course is not for you within 7 days I will give you a full refund.

How is it different from any other solution out there?

Using neuroscience to get incredible results

The methods and techniques I use in this course are the same that I use with my one to one clients with incredible results. Just by spending a few minutes each day, you will easily be able to calm your mind, changing negative thoughts, feelings and behaviours into positive ones.

It has helped hundreds of people just like you live the life they want.


‘My newly found control has helped boost my confidence and that in turn is helping me to turn my negative mindset into a positive one. I feel I’ve got my self-esteem and mojo back’


‘Ian’s downloads helped to calm my mind, leading me to sleep much better. I have now found myself having a much more positive outlook on life’


‘I feel really calm. I am a menopausal woman who is now sleeping much better and feeling much less stressed which is allowing me to cope much better when life gets tough’

The techniques you learn are based on the neuroscience of how your brain both creates and removes anxiety from your life. There is no guesswork, the program is built on scientific evidence-based facts.

You get given all the tools to enable you to manage your anxiety for good enabling you to feel lighter, brighter and happier.

You can listen to or read the lessons anywhere, you don’t need to take notes, there’s a pdf format done for you.

You get specialist help and support with your anxiety without having to spend a fortune. You just need to use the easy-to-grasp techniques in your everyday life. Simple.

This ‘Freedom From Anxiety’ course is for you if:

  • You currently have thoughts whirring around in your head making it difficult to sleep.
  • You measure your future by the things that might go wrong.
  • Your head is often filled with unhelpful mind chatter.
  • You often feel on edge and not ready to face the world.
  • Your worries and concerns are taking the joy out of your life.
  • You want to live a life of ease and flow.

It’s probably not for you if:

  • You aren’t able to take yourself off to bed, listen to one of the downloads, close your eyes and relax.
  • You believe medicine is the only way to help alleviate mental health problems.
  • You’re determined to live your life focusing on all the things that you can’t do.
  • You don’t believe in the power of neuroscience and neuroplasticity.
  • You’re looking for instant results.
  • You don’t really want to change your future for the better.

You have questions. I have answers!


What is hypnotherapy?

ANSWER: Hypnotherapy is a type of therapy that helps people to make positive changes to their lives by using the state of hypnosis?


What is hypnosis?

ANSWER: Hypnosis is a perfectly natural and normal state. It is often referred to as being in a trance. This is a state of focused attention which is just like being in a daydream. You might recall a time when you have tried to remember the name of a person or film. When you’re consciously trying to remember it the name just won’t come to you. It’s only later when you’re relaxed or daydreaming that the name pops into your head. Hypnosis is therefore the natural problem-solving state that we go into many times during the course of a normal day.


Will I lose control?

ANSWER: No. When listening to one of the relaxation downloads you may well drift and dream, sometimes focusing on the words and other times focusing on other aspects of your life. The downloads have been specifically designed just to relax you. When you are in a relaxed state your brain can help you to remove anxiety and find solutions to your problems.


What happens if I fall asleep when listening to one of the relaxation downloads?

ANSWER: That’s what they are designed to do. You don’t become deaf when you sleep otherwise you’d never wake up for a crying baby or your car alarm. Your subconscious mind will still take in the information in the downloads. You won’t become stuck in trance (this isn’t even possible).


What is neuroscience?

ANSWER: Neuroscience is the study of your nervous system which is controlled by your brain. This program utilises the neuroplasticity of your brain to build up new neural pathways. You might think of it as coming to an open field which you want to cross. There’s a well-trodden path that you unconsciously follow but following this path results in you always feeling anxious. By focusing on the more positive aspects of your life you build up new neural pathways where there is no anxiety. Through repetition, the old anxious pathways become obsolete making way for new more positive ones.


Will this work for me?

ANSWER: Whilst we are all individuals as humans we all create anxiety in the same way and can all remove it using the same technique. If you follow the process then I am confident that just like all my other clients, you will be able to take control of your anxiety rather than it controlling you.


Can I achieve freedom from my anxiety in less than 90 days?

ANSWER: Absolutely. The time it takes you to remove anxiety from your life is individual to you. If you follow the program as intended it’s perfectly possible to manage your anxiety in as little as 30 days.


Does it matter what type of anxiety I have?

ANSWER: I have used the methods and techniques contained in this program to help people to overcome general anxiety, social anxiety, health anxiety, panic disorder and OCD.

If you have any questions which haven’t been answered here then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

So let’s recap what you’ll receive with Freedom From Anxiety

  • 5 Modules (value £590)
    A simple proven process which gives you everything you need to achieve freedom from your anxiety in a matter of weeks.
  • 3 Relaxation Downloads (value £15)
    Designed to help you to remove anxiety from your life while you close your eyes, lie back and relax. The differing content and lengths mean there will always be a right one to listen to.
  • Bonus: Two Paths (Value £25)
    Learn a simple method to help you to achieve your goals.
  • Bonus: Calmness Relaxation Download (Value £25)
    Take control of your anxious thoughts more quickly by listening to this specially designed download.
  • Lifetime access with a 7-day money-back guarantee.

Get immediate access to the course and start the process of removing anxiety from your life today for just



One-time Payment, No recurring fees, Lifetime access