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Achieve freedom from your anxiety or insomnia and thrive

Think Better . Feel Better . Sleep Better

Living with anxiety can make life feel joyless

I know that anxiety means you live thinking about the things you can’t do, rather than doing the things you want to. It’s miserable

I understand what life is like with thoughts constantly swirling, creating a never-ending to-do list inside your head. It’s exhausting

I get that you want to make it stop so you can enjoy peaceful sleep but nothing you try seems to work.  It feels hopeless

You shouldn’t have to live with constant worry. Together we can remove unwanted anxiety from your life so you can enjoy living again.

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Imagine yourself in just a few weeks’ time free from a life of anxious thoughts or sleepless nights.

  • What would you look forward to enjoying the most?
  • How would your life be different?

Let’s take your best hopes and make them a reality

I believe that no one should have to live with anxiety or insomnia


Let me guide you

You’re tired, overthinking and feeling trapped. The things you used to enjoy, you no longer have the energy or motivation to do. You go from day to day just getting by. Your life just doesn’t feel like you know it should.

Life’s too short to live with anxiety or insomnia. There is a really simple and effective escape.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy helps you to make positive changes to your life. Rather than concentrating on ‘the problem’ we focus on how you would like to think, feel and act in the future.

We will spend time together each week discussing the next small step along your journey of change. Using hypnosis at the end of each session helps your brain to focus on achieivng this positive future. While you lie back and relax it builds new connections and pathways helping you to reach your end destination. A time when you are free from all of the worries and concerns that brought you to see me.

By using practical strategies and scientifically proven techniques you can reach your goal in a matter of weeks.

Arrange your consultation and take the first small step along your journey of change today. I’ll then support and guide you the rest of the way.

Achieving freedom from your anxiety doesn’t have to be hard. It’s as simple as;

#01 Discover

You learn what’s happening to make you feel the way you do and how together we can quickly make you better.

#02 Change

We work together each week to bring about positive change helping you to calm your mind and reduce feelings of overwhelm.

#03 Thrive

No more living with anxiety. You’ve completely changed your way of thinking, allowing you to enjoy living the life you want.

REST registered tutor
REST registered tutor
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Attaining freedom from your insomnia can be achieved by retraining your brain to sleep better;

#01 Assess

A thorough assessment of your current sleep pattern enables me to formulate your bespoke treatment plan.

#02 Change

I support you while you implement the strategies to remove unwanted anxiety and retrain your brain to adopt a new beneficial sleeping pattern.

#03 Thrive

No more living with insomnia. Your mental and physical health have both significantly improved allowing you to live life to the full.

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A life without debilitating anxiety or

insomnia allows you to;

Think Better

Achieve freedom from all those negative thoughts constantly swirling in your mind. An uncluttered mind gives you the confidence and motivation to achieve all those things you’ve told yourself you’d never be able to.

Feel Better

Anxiety and insomnia are both mentally and physically tiring. Having more energy and vitality enables you to spend time doing the things that you enjoy, the things that make your life more rewarding.

Sleep Better

So you can live life to the full. Forget about just coping and allow yourself to thrive. Imagine what your life could be like with improved memory & focus, clear thought and drive. Just think how much more joyous it would be.

You’re looking for that magical solution but you already have it.


Hypnotherapy Online

I’m Ian a fully qualified and insured Solution Focused Hypnotherapist. My goal is to always make you feel safe and secure while I support you in the process of change.

I use online hypnotherapy to help you remove unwanted anxiety from your life, enabling you to become the best version of yourself, all from the comfort of your own home. I believe that online hypnotherapy brings you many advantages over the more traditional face-to-face method of delivery.

How I can help

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is highly adaptable. If the particular condition that you are looking for help with is not listed below please still get in touch as it is probable that I will be able to assist.